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the deck in the rain


I continue to struggle working here on my small laptop as my Mac Pro remains in the hospital. I am working on the essays for my application to Georgetown University’s Masters Program. I have decided to post a few of the paragraphs that I am writing. This is the opener of my Bio essay. There probably are better pictures to accompany these words but its raining and the deck rather looks like this in the summer when it rains. Man, I am so ready to have my real equipment back…

I was born on my grandfather’s dairy farm in upstate New York. My parents, Eleanor and Percy, made TV antennas for a living. The tranquility of agrarian life, the nitty-gritty of the factory environment and now, the speed and sterility of the age of technology, have each provided me with an uncommon vantage point from which to observe and record the human condition. These days I am a professional photographer who travels the world being curious about most things, but people and their traditions always come first on my list of interests.

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