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se cathedral, goa

Belcher_03_Se Cathedral Goa IndiaToday I continue with my verbage created for my Masters application. The value of having to write 2/3 essays about yourself is that it helps focus your mind on where you have been and where you are going. My life at this point, is almost an blank canvas. No parents, no siblings, no spouse but I am indeed blessed with two wonderful daughters who understand the journey…
In 1999, I left the CIA and went back to school once again, this time to study interior design, a natural proclivity of mine. The decision saw me studying color theory, art/furniture history, and human figure drawing. A circuitous path led me led to graphic design where photography was a required course. I never much liked cameras. Cameras confounded me: too technical, too much to understand, too many buttons.
This was a zigzag path with no clear ending, but it opened up new vistas for me. As I searched for a different reality for myself, I realized the camera could be my creative outlet and this option was a bit of a surprise to me. My love for architecture led me to believe that photographing buildings was my calling. I finally had the ‘answer’!

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