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aged man

19Aged ManCome along on my journey to somewhere…..
I am a fine art photographer who lives in the Washington, DC area.
I am a person who is curious all the time.
I imagine I must have asked many ‘Why?’ questions as a child.
I have worn all of the traditional and a few non-traditional female hats in my life; I even chaperoned Miss America contestants once upon a time.
These days, I travel the world seeking out cultural traditions that are vanishing. My first love is India but other countries, such as Burma and Russia, speak to me also.
I haven’t always been a photographer; consequently, this blog will be much ado about photography but every once awhile, some design, cooking, artistic tidbit or a personal experience will fall onto the page. I will keep each day’s entry short: one image and a few words. We are all busy and there is so much data flying through the universe that I see no need for me to clog the airways with useless trivia.
So, let’s get started…
This image is my personal favorite image. It was made in Nosra, Rajasthan, India (2009).
Sadly, this man has passed away but his spirit lives in the world and this photograph is a testament to aging with dignity.

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